Our goal is to shine light on the evil of abortion in order to change hearts and minds. We will attempt to do this with truth and love, not angry words or violence.

Clayton Waagner
The Lone Protester
Painting by Clayton Waagner, 2003

Violence or Love

My name may forever be tied to threats of violence against abortion clinics. Between 1999 and 2001, I committed a string of extreme and illegal acts to prevent abortions.

When jailed I escaped and returned to the front line of the fight against abortions, only with greater fervor. I have been appropriately labeled a criminal and an extremist.

That was a lifetime ago. Since then I’ve had ample time to consider what I did and what I should have done. I’ve thought of little else.

While I fully accept responsibility for what I’ve done, I no longer believe what I did was right.

My Stance Now

With all my heart I believe abortion is an abomination: America’s greatest sin. Fighting this atrocity was the only great thing I have ever done, but the way I did it was wrong. I was so full of pain when I began this fight that it took ten years of imprisonment to sort this out.

It will shock those who know me to learn I actually wrote an apology letter which I attempted to mail to the headquarters of the top two abortion providers. (These letters were stopped by the Federal Bureau of Prisons as it violated policy.) This prevented me from expressing my regrets to my victims, but it did not lessen my regrets.

It is for this reason that I choose to limit the nature of the discourse on my web site as follows:

My Website’s Goals


We will not encourage or endorse illegal acts or use-of-force tactics against abortion clinics, it’s staff, or anyone else. Nor will we belittle or insult those who work in that industry or those who support such. Our goal is to shine light on this evil in order to change hearts and minds. We will attempt to do this with truth and love, not angry words or violence. However, to provide an honest discourse, I will write about and we can discuss my own history.


As no issue rises to the level of the mass murder of preborn children, we will limit the issues addressed to this and no others. I understand there are other moral issues some in the pro-life movement are passionate about and would like to add to the debate, but it is a mistake to elevate these lesser issues to the same as infanticide. For example, married same-sex couples and illegal immigrants often stand with us on this issue. I welcome them and any others who will join me in the struggle to end America’s Great Holocaust.