She Would Be 17 Years Old Now

She would have been maybe 17 years old or so. She would have had golden brown tanned skin with thick golden ringlets and greenish hazel eyes. She would have been my brother’s daughter with his girlfriend at the time. She was an ivory white English girl with blonde hair.

My brother is a black American guy living in the UK. We were all living in the UK at the time but had come to America to visit. My bro brought his English girlfriend to meet the family. He actually had 3 sons by his ex and that was a complicated relationship. She hated anyone my bro got involved with and did her best to try to mess him up. She used his 3 boys against him constantly. Anyway we liked the new girlfriend and welcomed her into the family.

At the time of the visit I didn’t realize she was pregnant…until months later after they broke up. The only clue was that we all went to an amusement park and I was surprised she wouldn’t ride the roller coasters with me. She had a good reason not to ride. She was pregnant with my brother’s baby but she didn’t want to tell us.

Sadly my brother and her decided his life was too complicated with his crazy ex to bring a new baby into the world. They decided to not have their baby.

I only found out months later when my bro finally broke down and confessed why the broke up…the pain of the abortion was too much for them.

I would have been this baby’s Auntie. I’m not sure why I feel like she was a girl…I just do. She would have been so beautiful. I have not spoken to my bro about this for years…that girlfriend is long gone. She was the best girlfriend he ever had. I miss that baby that never got a chance to be born.

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