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Tipping Point

We have reached the “Tipping Point” where America’s attitude towards unrestricted abortion has begun to change.

The point where fundamental changes in personal opinions have reached various state legislatures, which in recent days have passed highly restrictive abortion laws in Alabama, Georgia, and Missouri.

More states are promising similar restrictive laws. The new “extreme” pro-life state laws could be a push-back response to New York’s recent unrestricted abortion law, and this is clearly part of the equation. But I believe this change has it’s roots in the individual stories of those affected their own experience with the abortion choice.

Your story.

After 46 years of easy and inexpensive access to legal abortion we have reached the point where most American’s have heard an abortion story of sorrow and regret from a family member or friend. We share the pain of those we care about, so the story of a loved one’s sorrow affects us. The woman I love most had an abortion. I am passionately pro-life because of her pain. My wife doesn’t like telling the story of her trip to an abortion clinic because it is painful to recount and too personal to share. Yet she shared it with me and her pain became my own.

Your story is personal and private. You’ve likely told it to a trusted friend, so you know how painful it is to recount. I understand this, so I would not ask for your story if I didn’t believe it a critical factor in the struggle to change the laws in order to protect the next generation from the same pain.

We are past the point where graphic photos and abuses at abortion clinics matter.

Violence and civil disobedience do not affect positive change.

What will cause a lasting positive change is the story of your experience and how it affected you.

You can post your story and identify yourself any way you like, or withhold anything to identify you. You have a fundamental right to your privacy and we will not violate that decision. However you choose to do it, your story needs to be told so that others can learn from your experience.

If you choose not to post your story on, then please post it somewhere it will be experienced by others. Please, share your heart so that others can understand the cost of the abortion “choice.”