“I’m chasing a known mob guy I’ve spotted in this area. I think it’s likely he frequents this bar.” Cindy tensed up. “You can’t be serious. You brought me to a mob bar where a dangereous fugitive might show up.”

The Fugitive Game is a master work of gaming technology created by a mysterious and unknown developer. Using millions of dollars in prize money the leading edge augmented reality software moves into the realm of reality TV through America’s fascination with crime and criminals. The many layered multi-player game is played on a smartphone, using two of the phone’s features we take for granted: the ability to transmit it’s exact GPS location and it’s camera. There are two types of Players: Fugitive and Hunter. The Fugitive’s Game is to leave clues but not get caught. Fugitives accumulate points when near a Hunter without getting captured. The Hunter’s game is to “capture” a Fugitive with points earned through proximity to a Fugitive as well as “capture”. The complex maneuvers of hundreds of thousands of Players calculated and recorded by Game software based of each Player’s proximity to others. And of course the Game has a game of its own.

Things take an unexpected turn when a player violates strict game rules by allowing his wife to join the Game on a cloned phone. The violation cost him dearly and the Game puts his wife in a real world fight or flight situation.