Why a Prolife Blog?

Long before I knew what being prolife meant, my dad had his moment. That moment he realized what it meant for him to be prolife. For him to fight the genocide of the most precious, innocent of humanity.

His moment happened as he grieved, holding his first grandchild. Sierra came too early. She was born still and at peace. As he grieved the great loss, he heard God in his mind ask him how he could grieve so much over one when so many die every day.

This moment awakened something in my father. Prior to that day he would have called himself prolife because that’s what my mom believed. He had never thought about abortion and where he stood for himself. This day he knew. He knew with certainty he was going to do everything he could to protect all the babies he could.

I grew up knowing, vaguely, what abortion was. As a teenager, I got curious about my dad and if the stories I had heard were all true. So I set out researching him. I sat at that computer for many hours reading about him and what he had done. After I had thoroughly learned, I called him a great man and a terrible husband and father. I even told him that’s what I thought of him.

I knew I was prolife, but not enough to argue it with anyone. I shared my stance with like-minded people, but that was all.

Photo of my precious children sitting in the grass.
Joshua and LynnLee

I have an almost 3 year-old boy and a girl a little over one. Shortly after I had my first I knew I was even more solidified in my stance for life. How could I not be? But I didn’t have the slightest clue what I could do about it. I didn’t have much time on my hands (as I don’t now) and I didn’t have any special skills to bring to the table, so what good was I?

So I ignored the issue. For almost three years I ignored all things abortion-related. Then one day I broke. I wrote a pleading prayer to God. Why does my heart break so much for these babies? Why do I cry every time I think of them? How can their parents kill them like this? How has society come to this? Do they not know? Or do they know and not care?

I knew nothing about abortion law other than it was allowed. So I started asking my dad questions. Who better to ask than him, right? Through this dialogue, we have decided, together, to start a blog about abortion. We pray it will help people like me who simply don’t know what they can do and perhaps even help others to see things the way we do.

Hope Dixon

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